Bicycle Paths in Marom Hagalil region (Upper Galilee)

Enchanting green scenery, valleys and streams, crisp air, ancient sites, tombs of holy men, vineyards and wineries. All this is waiting for you in the bicycle paths of the Birya and Bar’am forests in the Upper Galilee. The paths are suitable both for families and experienced riders. The route of the bicycle courses in the Upper Galilee traverse forest paths and existing farmer’s paths. The paths have been prepared and signposted by the JNF with the aid of the Government Tourism Corporation, the Upper Galilee District Council, the Gush Halav Local Council and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and have been designated according to their levels of difficulty. Among the many existing possibilities we have chosen for you the bicycle paths designated for the entire family at a level of easy or medium difficulty, and also recommendations for challenging routes for experienced outdoor bikers.


How to get there?

Press here for the map of bicycle paths in the Upper Galilee

The bicycle paths can be reached from the Birya forest – Ein Zeitim parking lot (route 886), Hozim parking lot or the Rabin parking lot in the Bar’am forest (route 8967), from the Kerem Ben Zimra village (route 886) and from Gush Halav (route 89).


Green path number 1 (easy level of difficulty) – a 5 KM long circular route. The starting point and end point are at the Ein Zeitim parking lot in the Birya forest. Pay attention to the recommended direction of riding which is marked on the map with arrows.


Green path number 3 (easy level of difficulty) – a 3.5 KM circular route. The starting point and end point are at the Rabin parking lot in the Bar’am forest. Riding in both directions is suitable.


Blue path number 2 (medium level of difficulty, suitable for riders with outdoor riding skills) – a 17 KM circular route. The starting and end points are in the Kerem Ben Zimra village.

Exit the entrance to the village and turn south (left) on an asphalt road, in the direction of the village’s chicken coops. Pass through a metal gate and continue on a dirt path till the Ein Alva spring. Keep riding till the point at which the path connects with the Gush Halav stream, cross the stream and turn left for a short and steep descent. It is recommended to descend on foot since the path is wet and slippery at this point. Continue riding on the path along the Gush Halav stream till the confluence of the Gush Halav and Dishon streams. At the confluence, turn north along the course of the Israel Path. At this point turn to an eastern path which sharply winds north and climbs into the Bar’am forest. Here a scenic view to the northern borders of Israel will be possible. Continue riding along the path till it reaches a sharp turn east and at this point start descending in a north-eastern direction. Continue riding south on the path and climb in the direction of the orchards of the Kerem Ben Zimra village until you connect with the peripheral road of the village. From here turn north and ride along the peripheral road till you reach the starting point.


Red path number 4 (high difficulty level, suitable for riders with good outdoor riding skills) – the starting point for this path is possible from a number of places: the Rabin parking lot in the Bar’am forest, Kerem Ben Zimra village or Gush Halav (Jeesh). Those coming from the Birya forest may begin at the Ein Zeitim parking lot or the Hozim parking lot. The route can be a 20 KM circular route or a 36 KM “eight-shaped” route, if the path which goes round the Matityahu farm is taken. For those beginning in the Ein Zeitim or Hozim parking lots there is another back and forth section which is 20 KM long.

Link: Map of bicycle paths in the High Galilee


Written by: Cami Zarihan-Heller, Governmental Tourism Corporation

Introduction and editing: Hava Brown

Information courtesy of: Yaron Levi, Golan and central Galilee community-forest coordinator

Map: Noga Mizrachi

Photographs: JNF photograph archive

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