Galilean Attractions


The Amirey Hagalil Boutique Hotel is located in the Upper Galilee, surrounded by greenery and virgin forests. But don’t let the tranquil scenery and quiet mislead you – this pastoral region is full of tourism attractions you wouldn’t want to miss.

So what can we do while we’re here, you ask? Well, here we go:

Take a walk down natural marked paths, taste wine in boutique wineries, visit the graves of rabbis and biblical figures, take a stroll in the virgin forest, wander around in the Birya Forest, visit the Maronite Village – Gush Halav, Amirim village, Rosh Pinna and Peki’in, taste the produce of local dairies, discover charming spots in the forest, ascend Mount Meron, wander around the ancient city of Safed, go on bicycle trips, enjoy the beauty of locally made handicraft, art items and environmental sculpture, learn from archaeological and architectural sites, bath in the Sea of Galilee… and this is merely an abridged list…

All this and much more await you very near Amirey Hagalil Boutique hotel, located at the heart of Merom HaGalil (Upper Galilee) – an area that has a myriad of options for vacation, tourism and leisure in store for you. We invite you to enjoy the luxury at our hotel, to use all of its and, when you feel you the need for it, go somewhere nearby and make a change of scene – the hotel is only one and a half kilometers away from Amirim Village, 10 minutes drive from Mount Meron, 15 minutes from Carmi’el, 20 minutes from Safed, 25 minutes from the Sea of Galilee and Rosh Pinna…

There are many diverse options for and we have a selection of ideas for you. For example, you can take a walk from the lower part of the hotel on the forest path that leads to Amirim Village; once you get there, you can visit the sculpture garden and freshen up in the Village’s swimming pool. You can return from there to the hotel to rest and receive a pampering spa  treatment that will balance your energy. Now, when both body and mind relaxed and your face smiling, it’s time to take a ride to the Moshava of Rosh Pinna, wander in its narrow allies, visit the restoration site of the old Moshava and finish with some shopping in the local shopping moll called HaKhan (a word from Arabic meaning roadside inn). You can return to the hotel at sunset and enjoy a rich meal cooked by our chef, relax in the lounge and enjoy the atmosphere of the Boutique Hotel. After a good night’s sleep in a royal suite you will be ready for a new day of fun…

The hotel staff will be happy to help and suggest activities that are suitable for you, located not far from the hotel. Nature loving couples, guests looking for recreation through extreme sports, honeymooning couples and elderly visitors – all can find options for fun activities in the area.


Amirey Hagalil Hotel