Special treatments

Spa Amirey Hagalil invites you for special treatments that have been selected
and designed especially for relaxation and cleansing of body and spirit.

Spring Blossom
Unique treatment combining a gentle energetic massage with an angelic touch over the
body energy channels from foot to head. This is accomplished through this massage
that combines personally tailored techniques with natural body butter, coconut milk
and flower essences to melt away physical and emotional stress, burden and cramped
muscles and finally, a warm oil infusion that is gently poured on the forehead (the
third eye). Then, an integration of focused facial and scalp massage is used to release
tension, instilling a floating sensation of light, heavenly tranquility and serenity.
60 minutes | 320 NIS


"Vanilla Sky" - Body Peeling
Special treatment combining unique hot oils massage, body butters and honey with a
combination of vanilla extract and natural grains of Dead Sea salt. This healing touch,
renews cells and rejuvenates the skin, body and mind. Hour of pampering.
60 minutes | 320 NIS

The Butterfly
Unique treatment combining gentle energetic work and heavenly touch on nerve
endings with the placement of basalt stones on the chakras to melt away the body's
burdens. Finally after an infusion of warm olive oil on the third eye, a focused facial
and scalp massage will release tension, instill a floating and light sensation, and calm,
and heavenly serenity. Hour of floating.
60 minutes | 320 NIS

Treatment with Tibetan Bowls
The Tibetan bowl is a unique musical instrument producing deep and embracing
tones that relax the body. These sounds penetrate the body creating a peaceful sensation.
The bowl’s tones produce vibrations that help the body heal itself by opening
existing obstructions which allow the release of physical and mental pains.
60 minutes | 320 NIS


Important remarks:

  • The prices are for hotel guests only.
  • We recommend pre-booking all treatments prior to arrival. For treatment reservation please call 04-6989815 .
  • If you wish to cancel a treatment, please notify us at least 6 hours in advance. Failing to do so, you will be fully charged.
  • In case you cannot receive the treatment you ordered because of a health problem, you will receive a different treatment that is suited to your condition.
  • Hotel Amirey Hagalil reserves the right to change or cancel details and prices as they are stated here.
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