Weekend with a guided tour & wine tasting 1-3/9/2016

Accommodations for two nights on a basis of half-board that include dinner and a breakfast  at the Bein K’ramim Restaurant which is  housed in the Hotel.
On Friday, we will leave for a guided tour into the  heart of the northern vineyards which includes breathtaking views from Observation points and a short hike.
At the end of the hike, we will arrive at the ‘Galil Mountain’ Winery in Kibbutz Yiron and we will learn about the world of wines through the personal experience of blind tastings.
This unique and enjoyable activity will include the tasting of four wines, where we will learn to describe and grade their aromas and tastes, identify faults and test the character and quality of the wine.
Travel is in your private car ( the hike and activities take about 4 hours). |  All activities will be conducted in Hebrew.
Price for 2 nights : Standard room – 2390 ₪ (Instead of 2700 ₪) | Junior Suite – 2690 ₪ (Instead of 3000 ₪) | Suite – 2790 ₪ (Instead of 3100 ₪)Price for 2 nights including 2 spa treatments of 50 min’ each: Standard room – 2790 ₪ (Instead of 3180 ₪) | Junior Suite – 3090 ₪ (Instead of 3480 ₪) | Suite – 3190 ₪ (Instead of 3580 ₪)
Terms: The program is subjected to change due to weather conditions and will take place dependent on the number of participants | The price of dinner does not include wine, soft drinks or gratuity | There is no doubling of Special offers and Discounts.