Amirim Village

Amirim VillageThe Amirey Hagalil hotel is named after the adjacent village – Amirim. This is a small, pastoral, village with an Israeli character, which was established in 1958 when a group of vegan settlers with unusual ecological ideas arrived in the area and decided to enter the business of tourism instead of rearing livestock commercially.

More than 50 years later, the vision of this group of founders is flourishing in the village. A variety of rural guest rooms and pampering bed & breakfasts have been established since then in the village, besides such tourism services as a large pool, artist galleries and restaurants, surrounded by harmony, peace, quiet and  a breathtaking scenery. The Amirim village has developed over the years, and will always be remembered as the first village of Israel’s rural tourism industry.

Amirim is located nearby the cities Safed (about 20 minutes) and Carmiel (about 15 minutes), and enjoys all the advantages of a small, quiet rural village situated in the vicinity of a city. The guests can enjoy a large variety of hikes which are offered by the surrounding nature, and challenging activities such as horse riding, ATV and jeep trips. In addition it is possible to hike in the Birya forest or the Manara Cliff. To spice up the vacation one can visit one of the many tourist and recreation sites in nearby Safed. Visitors to the area enjoy crisp, cool, weather in the summer and winters which are sometimes painted by the pure and breathtaking hues of snowy white.

The Amirim village invites the visitor to many delightful and pleasant corners. In the village one may find a unique sculpture garden which reveals among its paths 20 statues by artists from Israel and abroad. The paths of the garden wind through green trees and vegetation, and create a perfect background for a calm walk combining art. All the statues in the garden are from the Israel Museum collection. The site is also accessible to people with disabilities, and is suitable both for a romantic sojourn and for the entire visit.

In the summer the visitors to the hotel can enjoy the pool in the adjacent Amirim village. In addition, Amirey Hagalil guests may enjoy a walk in the enchanted forest which leads from the lower part of our hotel to the village. We invite our guests to enjoy the peace and calm of a walk in nature through the green groves and the treetops (in Hebrew: Amirim), with the view of the Sea of Galilee and the crisp air constantly accompanying the traveler. Walking in the forest paths is recommended only during the hours of the day. We recommend that our visitors equip themselves with long pants and closed shoes. The duration of the walk is 25 minutes in each direction and the level of difficulty is defined as medium. The hotel staff will be pleased to stand at your service for any request or question. In addition, you may find any information you need on the site: pictures, articles, virtual tours and more…