The Path of Holy Men

Among the settlements of Merom Hagalil area (Upper Galilee) many tombs of “Zadikim” are strewn. Many visit the tombs on a pilgrimage seeking blessings from the “Zadikim” that are associated with various virtues such as fertility, match making, good livelihood and more…

Here we offer you a route which crosses Marom Hagalil Country and marks these interesting sites:

A scenic route which crosses the Birya Forest, the High Galilee and the Meron Forest. One of the most beautiful paths in Upper Galilee.

The route begins at Hazor Haglilit, crosses Birya Forest and passes by Mizpe Amuka, from where it continues to Ein Zeitim and crosses the access road toKadita. The route climbs the vineyard area of Meron and enters the amazingly beautiful Meron Forest and leaves it at the Meron junction on route 89. This scenic route is the backbone of the Holy Men Paths project – the flagship project of the JNF in cooperation with the Prime Minister’s office and other local authorities, whose goal is the development of the paths and sites for the benefit of the inhabitants of the area and the visitors who come from around the country.

Along the scenic route there are many heritage sites, springs, camping lots, hiking trails and bicycle paths at different levels of difficulty. When entering the scenic route from the direction of Mizpe Amuka westwards, one passes a hanging cliff with an astounding view to the Hula Valley and the Hermon. Further on one passes theNaburia Spring and the remnants of the ancient Naburia synagogue. When continuing west, one crosses the Butana Valley and the Ein Gever spring, and after crossing a road one reaches the Ein Zeitim parking lot.

Proceeding on the route in the direction of Kadita, ancient farming terraces and blossoming vineyards are revealed to the eye. In the Meron Forest one meets a beautiful variety of grove trees which were planted during the British Mandate. Along the route and at its end one can visit different burial marks of Holy Men from the time of the Mishna and one can bring the route to an end at the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai.

It is possible to join the route at a number of points: by Amuka. On route 886 (Ein Zeitim junction towards Dalton). From route 866 through crossing the Amud Streamnear Kadita and also nearby the Meron junction from route 89.

List if “Zadikim”:


Abba Sha’ul & wife


Benyahu Ben Yehoyada

Natan Dezuzita


Rabbi tarfon

Yosi Ben Ya’akov


Eliyahu HaCohen Ga’on

Elazar Ben Yosi HaGelili

Yehuda Ben Tima


Shim’on Bar Yohay

Elazar Ben Shimon

Elazar Ben Hasma

Yosi Ben Kisma

Rabbi Yizhak

Hillel HaZahen and his students

Shammay Students


Eliezer Ben Horkanos

Aliezer Ben Azarya

Elazar Ben Erekh



Rabbi Eliezer Hamudai

Ya’akov Ish Naburiya

Yonatan Ben Harkines


Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel

Kerem Ben Zimra:

Yosi Ben Zimra


Kfar Hananya:

Eliezer Ben Ya’akov “Kav enaki”

Hananya Ben Akashya

Yosi Ben R. Halafta

Hanina Sgan Cohanim

Gush Halav

Shemaya VeAvtalyon

Me’ir Ben Yizhak

Me’ir Ben Kazin

Adermelech VaShratzer

Yohai Avi Rashbi


Ester HaZadeqet & Mordekhai

Mar Zutra

Mordekhai HaYehudi

Ovadiya Hanavi