Spa Treatments

Swedish Massage

A classic European massage with almond oil. Helps stimulate blood circulation and relax muscles. Recommended to anyone interested in relaxation and being pampered.

50 minutes – 270 NIS | 60 minutes – 310 NIS

Thermal Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage including a heated pillow that is placed at the area of the stomach. Recommended for body cleansing and improvement of the Digestive system.

50 minutes – 270 NIS | 60 minutes – 3105 NIS

Aromatherapy massage

A gentle and relaxing massage with pure essential oils. The therapist will choose the oils suited to your personal needs.

50 minutes – 270 NIS | 60 minutes – 310 NIS

Deep tissue massage

A Western technique of deep and slow massage that concentrates on the deep tissue in order to relax the muscles and ease tension points in the body.

50 minutes – 270 NIS | 60 minutes – 310 NIS


Relaxation and energetic opening to the tips of your nerve system. A pampering treatment for the scalp, feet and palm of hands.

50 minutes – 270 NIS | 60 minutes – 310 NIS


Massage and application of pressure to the feet will achieve complete harmony between all body systems and a feeling of tranquility.

50 minutes – 270 NIS | 60 minutes – 310 NIS

Combined Massage

A unique massage that combines different techniques as chosen by the therapist according to the level of stress in the body.

50 minutes – 270 NIS | 60 minutes – 310 NIS


Far-eastern massage. The massage is administered by application of pressure along the energy channels of the body to free mental and physical tension. The massage is administered on a mattress.

50 minutes – 270 NIS | 60 minutes – 310 NIS

Pregnancy massage

A pampering massage with almond oil for pregnant women from the 5th month to the end of the pregnancy. Promotes blood circulation, relaxation and balance between body and spirit.

50 minutes – 270 NIS | 60 minutes – 310 NIS

Combined massage with touches of Hot Stones

A therapy that combines touches of Hot Stones to release tension (according to the tension level of the body). A relaxing and pampering massage that inspires a floating sensation in the body.

60 minutes – 320 NIS | 75 minutes – 350 NIS

Aromatic facial Treatment

 A facial care and nourishment that combines intoxicating fragrances to balance body and soul. The treatment is based on natural ​ingredients, combining unique Essential oils known for their amazing properties that assist in the healing and renewing of the facial skin and providing it with a deep nourishment

60 minutes – 320 NIS

Body peeling

Massage with natural salt crystals enriched with aromatherapy essential oils. The treatment exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated.

60 minutes – 320 NIS

Anti-cellulite body peeling

Similar to the body peeling with an addition of essential oils of citrus that help reduce cellulite. The massage focuses on the cellulite areas of the body.

60 minutes – 320 NIS

Ayurveda – Knowledge of Life

An Ancient Indian method to create balance in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body. Includes 3 stages: 1) Gentle peeling with medicinal herbs to cleanse the aura. 2) A body massage using warm sesame oil along the energy channels of the body. 3) Heated sesame oil gently dripped on to the center of the forehead, together with face and scalp massage. Recommended for special body experience.

60 minutes – 320 NIS | 75 minutes – 370 NIS

Couple’s Therapy

A unique massage that combines different techniques for relaxation of body and soul. In a romantic room with two treatment beds and two personal therapists. For those who like pampering.

60 minutes – 620 NIS

The “Olive Tree” Treatment

An original and unique treatment from Amirey Hagalil. A Holistic approach that purifies relaxes and re-energizes.A massage using pure olive oil that works on the nerve endings, relaxes, nourishes and softens the skin.This treatment includes:

  • Involvement of all of our energy channels, which are spread throughout the body.
  • The opening of blockages throughout the body and a release of body tension
  • Work on the Chakras through Guided Imagery and the use of Hot Stones
  • Enveloping the body in Healing Tibetan tunes.

An hour and a half of a riveting and enriching journey through the mysteries of body and soul

75 minutes – 370 NIS

Important remarks:

  • The prices are for hotel guests only. Addition of 30 NIS for guests that aren’t from the hotel
  • We recommend pre-booking all treatments prior to arrival. For treatment reservation please call 04-6989815 .
  • If you wish to cancel or change a treatment, please notify us at least 5 hours in advance. Failing to do so, you will be charged 50%.
  • Please specify known health issues at the time of making the reservation. Receiving a treatment is dependent on signing a health statement
  • Hotel Amirey Hagalil reserves the right to change or cancel details and prices as they are stated here.